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A colourful art-punk adventure towards the best night of your life in a unique split release from Team Lazerbeam and The Superweaks!

The Superweaks recorded six new songs. Team Lazerbeam made six new games. They tied everything together into a colourful punk rock journey towards the best night of your life where every game is synchronized with a song to create an unprecedented gaming/music experience. Expect a tale of bands, butts and bootleg battletoads.


Teenage Blob is about an amorphous teen about to see their favourite band! There’s just one problem: before the gig they want to buy some new boots, and before they can do that they’re gonna need to work their butt off! Players will help the Teenage Blob pick the perfect outfit, make some money at their part time jobs, spread positivity while skateboarding in a frogsuit and more. Check the track list below for more on each song/game.

Half game. Half album. All awesome!

  • A unique music/ game hybrid!

  • 6 radical Superweaks songs & 6 genre-busting Team Lazerbeam games!

  • Combines elements of dating sims, RPGs, rhythm games & arcade classics! 

  • Hand-crafted with love and teenage punk rock dreams

  1. New Year: Melt out of bed, pull yourself into whatever solid form you can muster and craft your unique rebellious look. Will you sass your parents or be a respectful teen?

  2. Paperperson: Grab your bike and hit the streets, it’s time to deliver some slammin’ sandwiches! Your boss doesn’t want you to feed the neighbourhood dogs, but they’re so damn cute..

  3. Guitar Zero: Head to the mall, put on your dorky uniform and sell some guitars! Rock out and stay in time, just ignore the cool mallrats making fun of you.

  4. Tony Dork: Slip into your frogsuit and get ready to shred! Chain tricks, clear gaps and collect bananas, only YOU can cheer people up with the power of high fives. 

  5. Ghoststep: You’ve got your boots and you made it to the gig! Enjoy crowdsurfing in “the second most realistic moshing simulator ever made”!

  6. The Deepest Blues: After the greatest night of your life, you dream about diving into the ocean. Swim with schools of fish through mysterious shadows and the game’s credits!

Features list

Track list

The split album is a long running DIY indie/punk tradition, it’s a collaborative release featuring songs by two or more bands. Typically each band takes a side of the record/tape, although some splits have seen bands alternating between tracks, remixing/ covering each other’s songs, or even joining forces to record new ones.

Team Lazerbeam are three dorks making aggressively positive video games! After working on alternative short punk games like Wrestling With Emotions, Snow Cones and Dress to Express Dancing Success for years, the game band is now working on it’s first major release Teenage Blob - a colourful art-punk adventure towards the best night of your life in a unique split release. Coming to Steam in 2020!

Hold Up, What’s a Split?

About Team Lazerbeam

About The Superweaks

Led by the songwriting powerhouse duo Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo, The Superweaks evolved from a Philadelphia music collective to a full time band for their first collective EP The World Is A Terrible Place And I Hate Myself And Want To Die. Since then, the band has formed a place in the hearts of the Philadelphia scene through their impressive knack for writing hooks that chew bubble gum and kick ass with influences ranging from Weezer to Thin Lizzy to The Ergs.

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